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About Us
Who are we? We are the largest on-line retailer of Personal Lubricant in the world in business since 1998 and it is our goal to provide potential customers with the opportunity to try out a variety of personal lubricants to see which one fits their personal needs free of charge!

Our endeavor is supported by a  generous diversified group of lubricant manufactures that provide the lubricant samples to us free of charge. Sponsors include Premium Sponsors that provide us enough samples for every sample pack requested and Standard Sponsors that provide a limited number of samples that are given out till the supply is exhausted.  Premium sponsors include: BioFilm, Inc (Astroglide), Trigg Laboratories Inc (WET Lubricant), ), United Consortium Inc. (System JO Lubricant), Westridge Laboratories, Inc. (ID Lubricant). Standard Sponsors include: Boy Butter Inc. (Boy Butter Lubricant), Davryan Laboratories Inc. (Probe Lubricant), Empowered Products (Gun Oil & Pink Lubricants), Sliquid Inc. (Sliquid Lubricant), Wallace-O'Farrell Inc. (Slippery Stuff Lubricant). Sample packs will include samples from the Premium sponsors and based on availability may contain samples from Standard sponsors as well as a coupon from  for the future purchase of any of the products on our website.